Development License

Customize our device and build new applications to suit your solution needs

Developer License

Programming level access to development environment of our devices offers unprecendented flexibility to customize existing functions or develop new applications.

Coupled with re-branding option, helps you release solutions to market at fraction of time, risk and cost associated with doing own development from scratch

Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Python, PHP

Program in language of choice. Most commonly used programming lanugages supported

Programming Environment: Linux, Apache web server, SQLite

Standard programming environment helps quick ramp-up with no specific custom training requirements

Application Libraries: DLMS, CoAP, Modbus

Wide selection of IoT protocols, from DLMS for Metering applications to CoAP for general purpose IoT

nStack as background service

  • Neuron's implementation of specs compliant MAC and upper layers
  • Integrated with linux networking sub-system (for linux based devices)
  • Extensive API to adapt behavior based on application needs
  • Proven interoperability with dozens of 3rd party devices
  • Field validated scalability and maturity

Several applications delivered in source code

  • Ready-to-use feature rich applications
  • Customize, use-as-reference or use-as-delivered
  • Web-GUI, Commandline interface, IoT clients

WebGUI in source code delivered with developer license   

Mature, ready-to-use devices with volume availability

PLC controller function.
G3-plc Coordinator and PRIME Base Node.

nBox Substation Gateway (nBox-SG)   

PLC end-point device.
G3-plc Device and PRIME Service Node.


CENELEC    FCC    Device interfaces   

  • Software configurable frequency of operation on PLC
  • Wide choice of backhaul interface to meet any needs