PLC-IoT Sensor Solution

"Monitor an industrial or commercial installation"

"Instrument LV grid at street cabinets and other strategic locations"

PLC IoT solution
Current and Voltage monitoring solution using stat-of-the-art IoT technologies over PLC media to provide granualar view of electrical network


Choice of third-party sensors to use

  • Industrial devices with rogowski sensors
  • Upto 9 sensing points for each sensor device enabling coverage of all 3 phases on upto 3 different lines
  • Multiple third-party sensors to choose from



MODBUS master interface easy integration of new sensors

  • nDevice implements MODBUS master
  • Data conversion from MODBUS register to CoAP TLV
  • Easy integration of additional third-party sensors

Feature rich "Sensing" application

New sensor provisioning

Sensor min, max and average value display

Historical values with selection of specific time of interest

Alarm threshold configuration and alarm display