Offers value to every segment of narrowband PLC users
Utilities, device vendors, test-labs and research institutes are all using nBox-Tool in various development as well as field validation projects.

Comprehensive analysis tool that offers a composite view of entire PLC communication infrastructure.
Provides insight at all levels; pdu structures, protocol flows and channel conditions.

  • 6LoWPAN, UDP/IP and application protocols using them
  • DLMS metering protocols including COSEM object display
  • PLC Adaptation / Convergence layers and MAC layer
  • PLC Channel conditions


  • Connectors for easy coupling
  • ZERO down-time while changing coupling phase
  • Qualitative noise analysis at installation site
  • Aggregated statistics for quick overview
  • Ruggedized housing suitable for CAT IV installations

Field use
Mobile support    Wireshark integration

Designed for easy use

  • WiFi access point
  • Mobile device support
  • ZERO setup or pre-configuration
  • Seamless integration with Wireshark
  • Multiple parameter plots for optimal analysis
  • Integrated webserver with feature-rich and intuitive WebGUI


  • Storage capacity to store all traffic for multiple days
  • Bulk data retrieval
  • Context specific notes and folders for easy post-processing
  • Maintain notion of physical time in non-networked environments

Data Logging

Multiple PLC technologies

Multiple technology, bands and media variants

  • CENELEC A, FCC and ARIB band versions
  • Narrowband PLC technologies: G3-plc, PRIME
  • Serial (HDLC) with optional optical header
  • Extendible to other wired/wireless media

Meaningful post-processing

  • Basic data validation e.g. CRC check
  • Decryption capability upon provisioning of keys
  • PLC packet aggregation
    • Application protocol engineers do not deal with PLC fragments
    • PLC engineers can still see every fragment

Post Processing support