Noise analyzer, signal analyzer, packet/frame sniffer, packet analyzer, data logger, protocol analyzer

These are some of the various manners in which our customers use this versatile tool that offers value to every stakeholder in narrowband PLC or RF communication market. Utilities, device vendors, test-labs and research institutes, all use nBox-Tool in various development as well as field validation projects.

Comprehensive analysis tool that offers a composite view of entire PLC communication infrastructure.
Provides insight at all levels; pdu structures, protocol flows and channel conditions.

  • 6LoWPAN, UDP/IP and application protocols
  • DLMS metering protocols including COSEM object display
  • PLC Adaptation / Convergence layers and MAC layer
  • PLC PHY layer background noise
  • PLC PHY layer signal receive levels
All networking layers 1 / 2 / 3 and application (e.g. DLMS) covered in a comprehensive manner. All fields of every packet analyzed for exhaustive coverage


  • Connectors for easy coupling
  • ZERO down-time while changing coupling phase
  • Qualitative noise analysis at installation site
  • Aggregated statistics for quick overview
  • Ruggedized housing suitable for CAT IV installations

Field use
Mobile support    Wireshark integration

Designed for easy use

  • WiFi access point
  • Mobile device support
  • ZERO setup or pre-configuration
  • Seamless integration with Wireshark
  • Multiple parameter plots for optimal analysis
  • Integrated webserver with feature-rich and intuitive WebGUI


  • Storage capacity to store all traffic for multiple days
  • Bulk data retrieval
  • Context specific notes and folders for easy post-processing
  • Maintain notion of physical time in non-networked environments

Data Logging

Multiple PLC technologies

Multiple technology, bands and media variants

  • CENELEC A, FCC and ARIB band versions
  • Narrowband PLC technologies: G3-plc, PRIME
  • Serial (HDLC) with optional optical header
  • G3 and PRIME RF variants

Meaningful post-processing

  • Basic data validation e.g. CRC check
  • Decryption capability upon provisioning of keys
  • PLC packet aggregation
    • Application protocol engineers do not deal with PLC fragments
    • PLC engineers can still see every fragment

Post Processing support

Add-on module to support Wireless (Hybrid) variants

Add-on module to support Wireless (Hybrid) variants

  • All additional RF information elements (IEs) analyzed
  • Concurrent operation of PLC and RF to sniff on both media
  • Seamless higher layer integration (eg with DLMS)