October 04, 2022

Neuron welcomes EKZ as Shareholder

EKZ invests in Neuron

Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich (EKZ), one of the largest Swiss Utility, has joined Neuron as minority shareholder. This is first external investment into Neuron since inception. The focus of existing shareholders (also the company’s management) during this time was to follow an organic growth path and build a solid technology, product, and customer-base, ready for scaling. EKZ’s investment as shareholder will facilitate the ongoing scaling at Neuron at an appropriate time when our products are increasingly being accepted for larger rollouts.

The strategic and operational focus of Neuron shall stay unchanged. Current Management will continue in their present roles and functions. Likewise, the company will continue to work and excel in marketspace of Utility communications, with specific focus on powerline communication technologies.

In addition to investment participation, Neuron and EKZ will also cooperate in concept development projects for future, like OrtsNetz, and operational projects like the ongoing Smart Metering rollout. The cooperation will on the one hand, foster innovation while on other hand, enable foundation for open, multivendor, interoperable systems that have been mostly missing in Swiss Utility industry.

"Building an industry acknowledged brand from scratch and growing a customer base that includes not just Utilities but also Device and Chip manufacturers, is a testament of the kind of technology excellence Neuron possesses. With powerline communication at the center of EKZ’s Smart Grid strategy for the next decade, we believe this strategic investment into Neuron will ensure the realization of our vision", said Tobias Keel, Head of New Business at EKZ.

“EKZ brings the best-in-class credibility that our customers seek as they start to scale their rollouts with Neuron products. Not just that, we are equally excited to work with EKZ on concept development projects which shall form the foundation of future Smart Grid evolution in EKZ’s own grid”, said Manu Sharma, CEO Neuron.

Sept 22, 2022

G3-plc nRepeater in standard distribution cabinet

Neuron's 3-phase G3-plc nRepeater continues to be installed in live production networks at multiple Utilities. Used to enhance the range and performance of an existing G3-plc network in Smart Metering projects, the nRepeater is now seamlessly integrated into standard distribution cabinet.

In cooperation with Hager, the integration of nRepeater into their Smart Grid Module (SGM) is fully functional. Integrated with SGM, the nRepeater fits seamlessly into any street-cabinet with other equipment, directly coupled to the bus-bar. This removes need for customized space planning within the limited real-estate in these distribution cabinets.

The end-to-end integration with 3rd party Data-Concentrators (DCs) and Head-End System (HES) is enabled through Neuron’s own G3-plc (nStack) protocol implementation in the nRepeater device. nStack ensures required network scalability from each nRepeater through our industry leading routing algorithms that enable robust routing of data between multiple-hundreds of Meters. The DLMS Server in nRepeater is field interoperable with 3rd party HES to enable seamless integration with back-end software.

Working with Hager on this project has brought new collaboration possibilities for both companies which we will continue to explore jointly in coming future.

nBox-SG (G3) in field manages ~700 meter network

June 22, 2021

nBox-Tool becomes first analysis product for G3 Hybrid (PLC and RF)

nBox-Tool G3 Hybrid (PLC and RF) analyzer, sniffer

Neuron is pleased to announce addition of wireless receiver to our nBox-Tool line of products. As of this announcement, we are shipping a product that can effectively analyze both powerline (PLC) as well as wireless (RF) communication conforming to G3-plc specifications. Together with our licensing solutions and existing nBox-Tool features, this new addition further consolidates G3-plc development solutions from Neuron. This announcement comes in close collaboration with G3-plc’s press release announcement (this link).

The RF protocol analyzer is released as an add-on extension to the main nBox-Tool (URL reference: The nBox-Tool both controls and powers the RF protocol analyzer over USB interface. This modularity makes it possible for existing G3-PLC nBox-Tool devices to be upgraded to support G3 Hybrid PLC&RF protocols concurrently

G3-RF’s protocol analysis follows the same principles as G3-PLC through seamless integration with Wireshark. All of the additional RF Information Elements (IEs), as listed in G3 Hybrid specifications are supported in protocol analysis and enumerated in protocol-panel of Wireshark.

“Availability of protocol analyzers is a key component of a mature technology eco-system. With nBox-Tool’s G3-PLC RF extension, we believe we will see accelerated adoption of this technology in new markets and applications” said Leon Vergeer, G3-PLC Alliance General Secretary.

“Offering G3-PLC RF protocol analysis on the same baseline maturity and easy usability of nBox-Tool not only further the product’s capabilities but also catalyze the marketplace for development of new products and solutions. We look forward to engage with various industry players on this exciting new extension” said Manu Sharma, CEO of Neuron.

May 21, 2021

G3-plc nBox-SG delivers >99% meter read success in ~700 meter network

Neuron team is excited to share real-life field results from past weeks of nBox-SG, G3-plc that cover two important metrics:

  • Scalability to manage ~700 devices and
  • Reliability of network to deliver higher than 99% meter-read success.

The substation in context serves a dense neighborhood in Zurich region, serviced by EKZ. The communication network proved to be challenging for incumbent vendor device. Vendor solution was to install multiple G3-plc Coordinators, raising serious doubts for Utility, on technology scalability.

The nBox-SG not only automatically scaled the network to cover all Metering end-points, but consistently delivered meter-read success percentage higher than 99%. This success percentage is recorded for data-intensive activity of reading 15-min load profile, re-enforcing that G3-plc as a communication technology stands for scalability, data-rate and coverage capability to meet needs of present and future Smart Metering rollouts.

“We are very pleased with the achieved performance level. Neuron’s technology competence has been very helpful in resolving several unknowns we had at this stage of our rollout.” said Christoph Schädeli, Head of Grid Design & Installation Control, EKZ.

The nBox-SG runs Neuron’s implementation of G3-plc stack, a core component of vIoT® Communication Engine. The G3-plc stack is developed with design goal to manage thousands of end-points. Available in various licensing models and concurrent to managing G3-plc network functions and Meter reads, the nBox-SG is able to host additional Smart Grid applications to make it future proof device capable of handling modern-day needs.

nBox-SG (G3) in field manages ~700 meter network

April 29, 2021

Neuron launches industry's first G3-plc Repeater device

nRepeater product announcement

Neuron unveils industry's first Utility grade G3-plc Repeater device in a compact form-factor that can be readily installed in space constrained locations like, for example distribution cabinets. To cater to all possible use-cases, two variants of this product are being released concurrently, one with single (1) phase signal injection and second with three (3) phase signal injection.

Extensive field tests at different installation locations have underlined effectiveness of nRepeater in converging large, complex networks. Installed at network junction points (eg Street Cabinets) that usually suffer local attenuation resulting in unreliable communication with certain network segments, the nRepeater is fully interoperable with 3rd party G3-plc Coordinators and Devices.

The ability to act as route-point for multiple hundreds (>500s) of devices/Meters, coupled with practical design considerations like small form-factor, make nRepeater a PLC network element that helps maintain robustness of a network while supporting scalability

Together with nBox-Tool, the nRepeater now forms a compelling portfolio of Smart Metering PLC rollout products, focused on enabling robust and scalable communications, helping Utilities reach their designated KPIs

Starting with this announcement, both single-phase and three-phase variants have general availability for placing procurement orders

December 21, 2020

nBox-SG manages 600+ multi-vendor meter network in field

Demonstrating maturity of hardware and agility of software algorithms, Neuron is happy to share promising results from field installations using PRIME based powerline communication technology. Over the last months, nBox-SG has been installed at transformers in various substations to effectively manage and read data from electricity Meters using PRIME. Some of these networks comprise a modest count of 50 Meters while others are as large as 600+ meters; all of them successfully queried for consumption data several times a day. The installations include both legacy PRIME v1.3.6 installations as well as v1.4 Meters

Successfully converging a network of 600+ Meters out of which 50+ are additionally qualified as Switch/Repeater/Router across various levels of hiearchies, underline the agility of control algorithms implemented in the Base Node.

Several months of operations in substation also highlight the Utility grade maturity of hardware which meets the strict safety and performance requirements of such harsh environments.

With seamless interoperability with both legacy-v1.3.6 and v1.4 Meters from any vendor, the nBox-SG provides a future-proof value proposition to users. While workign with present day Meters, switching to the more robust modes of v1.4 or to FCC channels is just a matter of software configuration

The field proven maturity of nBox-SG, combined with Neuron's licensing models and nBox-Tool form the core of development framework available to device vendors to build new generation of Industrial IoT products. To know more on Neuron's products and solutions, please get in touch with us.

nBox-SG in field

December 04, 2020

Microchip includes Neuron in their Design Partner Ecosystem

Microchip Design Partner

Microchip Technology Inc (MCHP), the global leader in microcontroller and mixed-signal ICs consolidated their long-standing partnership with Neuron on PLC technology products through inclusion of Neuron in their Design Partner Ecosystem.

Neuron has continued to offer unique products like the nBox-Tool, based on Microchip PHY implementation. And, with their newly-released licensing solutions for nBox-SG and nDevice, we’re welcoming Neuron to Microchip’s Design Partner Ecosystem to support Microchip’s customers with their smart metering expertise.” said, Mr Andrés Muñoz, Marketing Manager, Smart Energy Communications.

“Our licensing solutions are designed to foster shorter and cost optimized development of Utility grade devices. Since these solutions use Microchip chipset, working closer with them as a Design Partner would benefit both organizations to reach out to potential customers with a complete solution portfolio in Smart Metering domain“, added Mr Mohamed Sedjai, Head of Product Management at Neuron.

July 02, 2020

New generation of nBox-Tool

Neuron announces general availability of new generation of nBox-Tool, the powerline communication analyzer that set new industry benchmark over last four years since its market introduction.

The new generation of nBox-Tool can be software configured to work in either CENELEC or FCC bands as compared to the earlier version that required separate device variants for each band. In addition to multi-band support, the new generation also implements a 3 phase-coupling which significantly enhances the reception capability of the device thus offering a more comprehensive analysis of communication data across all 3 phases of electrical network.

"The device is being shipped for last several months. The general announcement was delayed on purpose to be able to meet most of our existing orders and have a clear foresight of our supply-chain to commit to future demand" said Mohamed Sedjai, Head of Products at Neuron. He further added, "... It is a very healthy sign for this announcement to come at a time when the initial production lot is already shipped; clear indication that there is a large market for such high quality and versatile product"

Together with nBox-SG, nDevice and their developer and design licensing models, the nBox-Tool forms the core of Neuron's innovative solutions that help device vendors reduce their product and solution development times. To know more on Neuron's products and solutions, get in touch with us.

New generation nBox-Toolv2

November 11, 2019

Neuron releases new PLC devices, nBox Substation Gateway and nDevice

nBox Substation Gateway


Neuron today, released nBox Substation Gateway (nBox-SG), their first generation of industrial grade Gateway device, specifically designed with Utility grade maturity, ready for installation in Substations for Smart Metering and Smart Grid rollouts. The nBox-SG replaces its predecessor nBox-Gateway device which was designed for new solution prototyping and development purposes. Compared to the nBox-Gateway, the nBox-SG is a product for volume rollouts

The nBox-SG has several new features, both in terms of PLC technology and device capabilities. Supporting both PRIME and G3-plc, the nBox-SG device is capable of operating in both CENELEC and FCC bands by a simple software configuration change of the device. In terms of device features, the nBox-SG offers a variety of backhaul capabilities including Ethernet, 4G wireless and also Optical (SFP) port. Packed with dual-core processing capability, the device is capable of handling not just functions like Meter Data Concentrator but also advanced analytics

Together with nBox-SG, Neuron has also released nDevice, a multi-purpose network end-point that can be used for extending PLC range, as Modem to enable PLC connectivity to end-point sensors or as a media Gateway for integrating Wireless network hops. Packed with similar PLC frequency and technology (G3-plc or PRIME) versatility as the nBox-SG, the nDevice with its small form-factor would play a key roll in extending use of PLC technologies into new IoT application domains

As an industry first, while both the nBox-SG and the nDevice are usable in mass rollouts, they come with two innovative licensing models, specifically designed for device-vendors. With the Developer License licensees will be able to build and deploy their own applications (e.g. Meter Data Concentrator) on the device while with a Design License licensees will get access to all blueprints of the devices including hardware and mechanical design, enabling them option to either take it to volume production or create customized variants

As of this announcement, both devices, together with their licensing models are available to customers

October 23, 2019

Street Lighting over G3-plc

Following the joint work between Enedis and Neuron, which was announced during 2018, G3-PLC experts at Enedis have developed an end-to-end solution for Street Lighting using G3-plc technology. Leveraging on the experience acquired through the roll out of more than 20 million of G3-PLC smart meters, and as a G3-PLC Alliance founding member, ENEDIS wanted to promote the usage of the G3-PLC protocol as an open, secured and standard IP connector over any device connected to the electrical grid, regardless of the application.

The solution integrates G3-plc with two of the most prevelant Street light protocols interfaces, DALI and MODBUS.

Running on Neuron's devices, the application bridge developed by Enedis works as G3-plc device on one side and interfaces with a DALI or MODBUS device on the other. The APIs made available as part of our Developer License of both, nBox-Gateway have been used for this purpose. The application is centrally controlled over the G3-plc Coordinator (nBox-Gateway) through a mobile interface. Extended application functions like for eg. dimming are also supported in the application.

The solution underlining G3-plc's suitability as a general purpose IoT technology will be available for live demonstration at G3-plc's booth during the upcoming European Utility Week show in Paris

G3-plc based Street Lighting

March 08, 2019

Neuron and EDP Labelec extend collaboration for PRIME v1.4

LABLEC PRIME lab with nBox-Tool

EDP Labelec, the test and validation lab that is part of EDP group have extended their existing PRIME v1.3.6 working collaboration with Neuron to also include v1.4 PRIME technology. With procurement of latest version of nBox-Tool products, EDP Labelec will not only extend its service to field analysis but also prepare for upcoming PRIME v1.4 trials/rollouts in the region.

EDP Labelec is the primary validation partner of EDP, the largest utility in Portugal, for confirming functional compliance of both Meters and Data Concentrator devices for their Smart Metering rollout. Being a key player of Inovgrid project EDP Labelec has played a pivotal role in both PLC communication analysis as well as Conformance to DLMS EDP companion standard used in Portuguese rollout.

Version 1.4 of PRIME specification includes several technology extensions the most prominent of which is extension of technology beyond the CENELEC A band into FCC bands. Vendors are working to release products based on this new standard during coming months, therefore timely availability of nBox-Tool for analysis will greatly help analyze and resolve communication issues. "We have been using nBox-Gateway and nBox-Tool in the past in our lab and look forward to extend its use in the field", said Mr Marco Silva, Manager at EDP Labelec.

October 11, 2018

Enedis partners with Neuron for IoT research

Enedis and Neuron agreed to further extend their common work on innovative applications. As part of latest collaboration, Enedis has subscribed to Developer License of both, nBox-Gateway and nDevice. As part of this license, Enedis team gets source-code access of Grid monitoring applications and development environment to build innovative solutions based on G3-PLC. This will not only enable them to extend existing functionality developed during earlier projects but also provide flexibility to develop new applications using IoT oriented solutions such as the CoAP protocol over G3-plc.

"It is very motivating to engage with Enedis and conduct a joint work to develop novel applications complementary to standard DLMS/Metering applications over a G3-plc communication infrastructure", said Mohamed Sedjai, Product Manager at Neuron. "Neuron continues to bring interesting innovations and ease of use to their products which, when coupled with their deep knowhow of communication protocols, makes them a valuable partner", said Mr Cedric Chauvenet, PLC Manager at Enedis.

CoAP based IoT system architecture using G3-plc communication has already been developed and successfully tested in field. An optimized protocol like CoAP is not only well suited for applications using G3-plc but also offer possibility of wider acceptability of powerline communication as a complimentary IoT technology

March 09, 2018

Neuron extends PLC-IoT application portfolio to include Metering protocols

Adding to the portfolio of various IoT protocols, Neuron announces general availability of DLMS Client across all nBox-Gateway product lines. DLMS Client application addresses a growing interest to use nBox-Gateway in Automatic Metering applications.

Available on both G3-plc and PRIME products, Developer License users will now be able to use DLMS Client on nBox-Gateway to significantly reduce development time for applications such as Metering Data Concentrator. Interoperable with all PLC enabled meters, the DLMS Client implements all cyber-security requirements including access authentication as well as transport level security.

With a webservices API available to user-license subscribers, it is also possible to develop applications that run remotely and interface with the DLMS Client across these webservices.

DLMS Client release on nBox-Gateway is a significant step to address growing needs of our customers that want to use the device in various use-cases including its use for test-automation in R&D.

DLMS Client picture

Oct 06, 2017

Neuron products at European Utility Week 2017

EUW 2017 nBox-Tool and nBox-Gateway on display

Neuron completed active participation in the European Utility Week at Amsterdam where our products were on display at both G3-plc Alliance booth and PRIME Alliance booth.

The nBox-Tool at G3-plc booth attracted continued attention from various Utilities and Device Vendors as the uniquely versatile analysis product. Neuron is also proud on inclusion of this device as part of G3-plc Alliance's technology "demonstration kit". Forming the core part of "Field analysis" in this kit, the nBox-Tool provides key analysis data which is further processed by the tablet application for presentaiton in relevant format. A functional kit was available for live display at the G3-plc booth.

At PRIME Alliance booth, the nBox-Gateway was on live display, managing a set of different PRIME meters and devices. The setup was uniquely representative of the interoperability between the new version of PRIME, v1.4 and the previous version v1.3.6. nBox-Gateway is the only product in market to be able to support both protocols with demonstrable ineroperability between different versions, across different vendor equipment.

Aug 25, 2017

DNV-GL integrates nBox-Gateway in their DLMS test-suite

DNV-GL Energy, one of the leading utility test and advisory companies has completed integration of Neuron’s nBox-Gateway with their DLMS test-suite, creating a comprehensive offering for testing DLMS applications over G3-PLC networks.

The DLMS test-suite running on a Windows PC uses nBox-Gateway as an IPv6 edge- router to address G3-PLC enabled single phase and three-phase electricity meters. Besides performing IPv6 routing, the nBox-Gateway also functions as G3-PLC network coordinator, converging meters into a homogenous G3 PAN. Thanks to the easy GUI based setup, the end-to-end traffic is seamlessly transported to/from PLC media from/to Ethernet/WiFi media.

With this successful integration, the complete communication stack is covered during testing, from application layer down to physical layer. “nBox-Gateway's functions of G3-PLC Coordinator and IPv6 router are complementary to DNV GL’s DLMS test-suite solution which targets on validation of the DLMS application layer and the COSEM data model. Together they constitute a powerful solution for the end customer”, said DNV-GL’s Bas Roelofsen.

DNV-GL and Neuron have also collaborated in past to build the PRIME specification conformance tool for version 1.4, now in use by all test-labs engaged in PRIME certification

DNV-GL DLMS tester and nBox-Gateway picture

May 17, 2017

Neuron launches nBox-Gateway with "developer license"


Neuron is pleased to announce the general availability of its nBox-Gateway product with a unique proposition of "developer license" option.

Already in use at multiple customer and field installation locations, the nBox-Gateway is latest addition to the nBox devices family. Available in both PRIME and G3-plc variants, nBox-Gateway is uniquely different from any other product available in market in multiple ways

Not only does nBox-Gateway run IoT protocols and functions as a mature IPv4 / IPv6 PLC router / gateway, the feature rich interfaces and GUI make it very easy to operate and integrate into any existing network.

Staying committed to accelerate adoption of PLC in IoT networks, the nBox-Gateway comes with an option of "developer license" where a complete build environment, including sample application source code, is made available to customers to facilitate development of IoT applications that can run on the nBox-Gateway

nBox-Gateway will catalyze PLC in M2M and IoT markets by making it possible to develop and deploy PLC applications on a ready-to-use device, without having to go through a lengthy and costly development cycle that would traditionally start from barebones reference-designs

Sept 30, 2016

Neuron commissions industry's first G3-PLC IoT network

Neuron achieved multiple industry firsts earlier this week when we successfully completed a field installation of G3-plc enabled grid-analytics devices. The network is now part of ENEDIS' (old name ErDF) operational Linky deployment in Ottmarsheim (France). The G3-plc FCC devices connect current sensors installed at various distribution cabinets in field. Their remote monitoring over G3 network enables ENEDIS to improve the way they monitor their LV networks

The installation operates in FCC frequency band, which not only ensures that there is no overlap with existing metering deployment (operating in CENELEC A band), but also provides higher data-rate. This would be one of the first real world FCC band installation.

In addition to operating on FCC band, the network, uses CoAP, one of the de-facto IoT protocols, to exchange messages and data between device end-points and the network Coordinator (nBox-Gateway). The choice of CoAP ensures minimal protocol overhead and maximimzes granularity with which grid-analytics data is collected from the endpoints. In a first of its kind, both, the device endpoints and the coordinator implement a complete IoT stack comprising of 6LoWPAN and CoAP, on top of G3-PLC MAC and PHY layers. Both the Coordinator and device-endpoint run Neuron's nStack

"Neuron provides a very specialized level of PLC protocol expertize", said Ms Helene Pulce, Head of PLC technology group at ENEDIS "Combined together with their IoT knowhow and flexible working model, they make a good partner for our innovation projects".

"We are extremely proud to be selected by ENEDIS for this pioneer project and look forward to continue providing them with quantifiable value in future. As IoT gains traction, G3-plc will form one of the cornerstone technologies for realizing IoT in coming months and years", said Mr Mohamed Sedjai, Head of Products at Neuron.

nBox-Gateway FCC G3-plc

Neuron CoAP G3-plc sensor

Aug 26, 2016

Neuron completes development of v1.4 PRIME conformance test tool

PRIME Conformance Test tool

Neuron is proud to provide background technology that powers the next generation conformance test tool for PRIME v1.4. Developed in collaboration with DNV-GL, the test-tool is now made available to PRIME Alliance accredited certification labs.

In a first of its kind, the tool implements a web-based management and control interface that enables administration from any authenticated web-browser running on laptops, tablets or any other handheld device.

The news announcement on PRIME Alliance website (here) provides further details.

Dec 22, 2015

Neuron's nBox-Tool contributes to ERDF G3-plc Linky deployment

Linky rollout started earlier this month and targets to install a total of 35 million Smart Meters by 2021, majority of which would communicate using G3-plc technology. G3-plc field tests have been carried out using Neuron's nBox-Tool for field diagnostics. Working with ErDF's Linky teams, the G3-plc nBox-Tool has been customized for usage by field engineers such that it would be part of their standard field-kit. The device will continue to extend functionality through the new use-cases discovered during its use in the Linky rollout, therefore further asserting its position as the most practical and mature solution available in market for use by field engineers.

In addition to its usage by ErDF in actual rollout, nBox-Tool is also the default tool of choice used by most vendors selected for supply of equipment to the Linky G3-plc deployments. The usage scenario includes use by R&D teams during development, by test-teams during validation and by production teams for quality approval of manufactured lots.

nBox-Tool is Neuron's industry leading debug and analysis tool that offers multiple functions of data-logging, packet analysis, network diagnostics, conformance checks, etc, made available over an intuitive GUI with interface through both desktop and mobile devices.


Dec 7, 2015

Neuron joins PRIME alliance

Continuing positive momentum of engagement with leading PLC standards organizations, Neuron is happy to announce our acceptance into PRIME Alliance. With long standing experience in PRIME, Neuron is well positioned to play a leading role in offering solutions based on the recently ratified version 1.4 of PRIME specifications.

All of Neuron's v1.4 products will include a) Robust mode and b) FCC band support, which are the two major changes in the new version. Together with these, there is also in-build support for interworking with version 1.3.6 devices.

The nBox-Tool already supports both version 1.3.6 and the new version 1.4 of PRIME specifications.

Neuron's PLC development framework for PRIME includes both Base Node and Service Node stacks, available for licensing in source code. The Base Node and Service Node stacks are capable of running on any of the commercially available PRIME chips, providing device vendors a uniform interface across all technology suppliers.

Neuron and PRIME

Sept 21, 2015

Neuron joins G3-plc alliance

Neuron team is happy to announce the acceptance of its membership application to G3-plc alliance. With the "PLC development framework" solution, Neuron is well positioned to further promote a wider adoption of G3-plc among vendors looking to build plc based products. In addition to products facilitating easier use of power line communication Neuron will also collaborate with other G3-plc members and bring our substantial background expertize in definition and development of PLC systems for mass rollouts.

Neuron's "PLC development framework" solution includes protocol stacks in source code (nStack), simulation systems for application development (nSim) and a state-of-the-art debug tool (nBox-Tool).

The nBox-Tool, driven by features like ability to stream live PLC captures, data-logging capacity, and mobile device (smartphone and tablets) support, coupled with exhaustive and feature-rich protocol analysis functions, is the preferred tool among some of the largest meter and data-concentrator vendors participating in G3-plc rollouts. Launched less than a year ago, the nBox-Tool is enjoying significant traction in both CENELEC-A band and FCC-band operational variants.

Nov 11, 2014

Neuron launches industry's most advanced multi-technology PLC tool

To address the much needed gap in PLC industry of a commercial grade field analysis tool and as part of continued extension of its nStack based PLC development framework, Neuron announced the general availability of its nBox-Tool product.

nBox-Tool supports all contemporary PLC technologies and helps analyze development as well as deployment issues at multiple protocol levels.

With extensive data logging capability and mobile interface support for both Smartphones and Tablets, the nBox-Tool is a unique offering for field support personnel who would usually PLC modem, specialized hardware and a laptop loaded with diverse applications to debug different field aspects. The nBox-Tool would be an ideal product for field debugging where it provides a summary overview for technicians and detailed analysis information for communication engineers.

The first market release of the product supports PRIME and G3-plc technologies.

Oct 25, 2014

Platform independent PRIME v1.4 Base Node implementation

Continuing to extend the nStack portfolio of protocol stack implementations of all contemporary PLC technologies, Neuron completed the first milestone of implementing Base Node functionality conformant with the latest release PRIME v1.4 specification. This milestone confirms that the Base Node implementation of v1.4 is fully interoperable with all available v1.4 Service Node implementations from chip vendors in market today.

Available as nStack-PRIME product, the Base Node implementation is offered for licensing in source code form where licensees shall retain all rights to any local modifications they make on the licensed code.

Together with the already available nStack-G3 product, the nStack-PRIME further strengthens Neuron's position in the PLC industry as the only company that licenses source-code of protocol stacks proven to run on any chip.

July 30, 2014

Neuron announces the availability of G3-plc protocol stack

As part of building a portfolio of PLC protocol stacks of contemporary technologies, Neuron today announced the release of nStack-G3. nStack-G3 is the first product in the nStack family and implements both Coordinator and Device functions.

nStack-G3 implements implements all MAC layer and Adaptation layer functions, including 6LoWPAN and interfaces with a PHY layer over a well defined platform independent interface. Using a standards compliant PHY layer interface ensures that nStack-G3 can run on any commercially available G3-plc chip.

Available for licensing in source code form, the nStack-G3 enables users with unprecendented flexibility in making their own value enhancements and functional extensions which was not possible till day with closed source binary images that are conventionally available for PLC protocols.

May 29, 2014

CEPRI, Ormazabal and Neuron cooperate to define the Next Generation Smart PLC technology for China

As part of a collaborative effort towards creating the next generation of PLC (PowerLine Communication) Technology as the foundation for Smart Grid, China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI), Ormazabal and Neuron have signed a cooperation agreement to lay down the communication specifications for CEPRI's next generation of Cognitive PLC technology.

Under the leadership and vision of CEPRI, the next generation of PLC Technology will be the foundation for creating a rich portfolio of new standardized and interoperable Smart Metering and Grid products and solutions.

In the present framework of cooperation the technology specification will be designed to address needs of medium voltage networks where not only are bandwidth requirements higher in order to backhaul data from several low voltage networks but also latency sensitive to address distribution-automation needs.