Physical (PHY) channel and PHY layer simulation on a linux server.
Hosts real-world MAC and higher layer protocol implementations that run verbatim on real devices.
Capable to simulate networks with real-world conditions and standard monitoring tools


Highly flexible simulation core

  • Noise and attenutation per link

  • Cluster multiple instances to have same set of channel parameters

Each instance runs complete PLC stack

  • Specs compliant, complete implementation in every instance

  • Each instance independently "accessible in runtime", for administrative control, from commandline console

  • Pingable from PLC Controlling device (Coordinator / Base Node)

  • PLC stack in every instance uses abstracted PHY-SAP, therefore can be run on real devices by simply adapting relevant PHY-SAP

Easy to Use

  • Integrated webserver with feature rich and intuitive WebGUI

    • Create new network topologies and/or change existing ones
    • Simulation status display

  • Integrates into existing (physical) IP networks.

    • Ping any simulated end-device from commandline