Concept Evaluation

Service: Concept Evaluation

"Design communication solution that meets your application needs"

Tweaking an existing PLC protocol, designing a new system from scratch, developing application protocol integration concepts or evaluating interoperability with other communication media; Neuron has experience and successful track-record to deliver on all fronts of concept evaluation phase

System design

Developing a system design concept that meets both business and technical needs of the application is one of our specializations

Thanks to concept development tools like nSim, we not only develop the system design on paper, but are equally capable of validating the working concept in our simulated system

Technology Benchmarking

  • Suitability and feasibility of PLC in your application domain
  • Benchmarking specific flavors of PLC for application suitability
  • Interoperability bencharking of PLC with non-PLC media

Owing to the versatile nature of nBox-Gateway and nBox-Tool, we can not only compile theoretical reports, but also back them up with real results from device performances in various scenarios

Be it development of additional software applications on existing devices or development of new hardware functions on top of existing ones ...

... with all the right building blocks in our product portfolio, we can offer the quickest and most cost effective path to develop prototypes that maybe used in both field validations as well as market-acceptance