PLC site analysis package

"Benchmark the grid for PLC performance before larger installations in order to select optimal parameters that bring best results"

PLC site analysis solution

Multiple physical locations benchmarked in a single test-run

  • Endpoint installation at up to 10 different locations

  • Concurrent retrieval of noise and signal strength at all locations

  • Automated test setup with individual sub-tests
    • Each sub-test focuses on single parameter of interest, enabling objective analysis
    • Devices are automatically pulled into test-run as network converges

  • Endpoint devices automatically adapt to parameters set by nBox-Gateway controller

Easy to use application

  • WebGUI based test-configuration
  • Test progress monitoring
  • Bulk retrieval of results
  • Test-specific note annotation for tracking physical location
  • Configured parameters on nBox-Gateway saved upon test-start and restored upon completion