Management Team

Manu Sharma, President & CEO

A veteran of almost 20 years in networking and communication industry, Manu is driving the vision and strategy to position Neuron on a robust and sustainable growth trajectory.

Earlier, during his tenure as Executive Vice President at CURRENT (now Ormazabal), Manu played a lead role in evolution of PRIME specification and was instrumental in creating a multi-million dollar product-line from products based on it. Within the PRIME Alliance, he led the MAC Task-force between 2009 and 2013. Manu holds an engineering degree in Computer Science from Madan Mohan Malaviya Engineering College, India.


Mohamed Sedjai, Head of Product Management

Mohamed brings over 18 years of technology development experience across various high-tech industries. At Neuron, he has been the driving force behind the nBox-Tool, right from the initial white-board based brainstorming discussions to the present day market leading position of the product. Mohamed's passion for business driven product evolution ensures that our roadmaps continue to enhance leading market position of our offerings.

Prior to Neuron, Mohamed held various R&D and Product Management positions at CURRENT (now Ormazabal). The engagement spanned both Narrowband and Broadband powerline communication products. He is listed as one of the contributing author in PRIME specifications. Earlier engagements include various embedded software development positions at Micronas, Toshiba and ST Microelectronics. Mohamed graduated from ESIEE, Paris, with a specialization in control systems


Andreas Brunschweiler, Head of R&D

With his natural flair for technology innovation, Andreas drives all development projects at Neuron. This includes our protocol-stacks and their subsequent use in our other hardware and software products including the 600+ node network simulation system, nSim. His technology excellence has ensured our nStack suite runs equally well on FPGA, DSP, ASIC or Simulation systems; making it truely platform independent.

Andreas brings more than 10 years of hands-on-development experience in a variety of research fields including robotics, communications and simulation systems. The past more than 6 years been focused on G3-plc and PRIME based PLC systems. He has earlier worked in various R&D positions at CURRENT (now Ormazabal) and Technical University of Zurich (ETH). Andreas graduated from ETH Zurich, with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.