vIoT® License

Shorten your development time by using field proven and
device independent communication infrastructure

vIoT(r) License

The package includes:

  • PLC MAC and ADP/Convergence layers (nStack)
  • Associated applications eg: G3-plc Bootstrap server, PRIME Firmware upgrade client, Whitelisting/Blacklisting
  • Application protocol libraries:DLMS, CoAP, MODBUS
  • Remote management through webservices
  • Feature-rich and intuitive Web-GUI
  • Command-line interface (CLI)
  • Application sample codes

  • Proven interoperability with dozens of 3rd party devices
  • Application portability across different HW is automated
  • Growing collection of application protocol (DLMS, CoAP, MODBUS) libraries
  • Extensive API to adapt underlying PLC behavior based on application needs
  • Ownership of PLC MAC and associated code enables customization where required
  • Ready to use sample source code for several applications including Web-GUI
  • Dedicated and professional support

vIoT® is a software only solution which runs on customer hardware devices. "Developer license" on the other hand includes vIoT® in action on Neuron's own hardware i.e. it includes a proposition of both, software components as well as hardware.