Product Customization

Service: Product Customization

We understand our role as communication system experts and appreciate the fact that sometimes our products may not completely address a specific application segment.

In addition to offering "development license" for our products that enable our customers to independently adapt our products to their needs, we also offer our expertize to perform such customization, always trying to match their parameters of time, budget and functionality.

  • Adding a new application / protocol
  • Adding a new interface to existing application / protocol
  • Implementing a new feature of existing application / protocol
  • Interfacing with additional third-party application
  • Porting a third-party application to run our product

The above only constitute an example of our product flexibility and services offered along that. We are also open to mutually discuss additional variants that may not be enumerated above. The background motivation stays the same ...

"...enable PLC for use in as many IoT and M2M applications as possible"

  • Interface adaptation
  • WebGUI functions
  • PLC protocol stack
  • Device background services